Server Support

Our Services Include:

Email Blacklist Removal

We start by determining why your server was listed on a blacklist. This includes a detailed review of server logs, email bounces, DNS, email server configuration and system security. The goal is to identify and stop the source of email triggering the listing. Once the source is stopped, we then assist with removing your server’s IP from the major blacklists.
Cost: $350.00

SPO – Server Performance Optimization

We start by looking at disk IO, memory, CPU and other hardware metrics to rule out hardware bottlenecks. From there, we dig into the configuration of your web server, database and application systems, such as PHP. With our review in hand, we do two rounds of server configuration changes to maximize server performance.
Cost: $350.00

Server Checkup

If you’ve not been keeping up with server updates, this package is just for you. We not only apply all OS and panel updates but also check on server hardware and configuration health. If proactive monthly support is not in the budget, this package is the next best thing. We recommend we do a health check four times year for best performance and security.

Hacking Restoration and Prevention

If your server or site has been compromised, this package is for you. We focus on three areas: detection, inspection and prevention. We first stop any active hacker or malware activity. With that stopped, we then investigate how they obtain system access. Lastly, we assist with configuration changes and make recommendations on how to avoid future attacks.

Server Issues

If you don’t see it listed, just ask. We support common issues with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Plesk, cPanel, MySQL and more. For simple jobs, we provide flat-rate pricing with clearly defined scope of services.